What is in your applicator bottle?

Can we step away from our spray bottles and throw the spotlight on our applicator bottles for a minute?


Applicator bottles are one of the essential but often overlooked tools in our stash. They go a long way in improving the condition of the scalp with oils. To be honest, many of us forget to use oils – including myself – and this applicator bottle is a perfect reminder to oil our scalp and ends.

What are the contents of your applicator bottle? The best thing about them is the measurements. You could measure the quantity of oils you want accordingly.

Mine currently contains all my oils except sunflower oil and glycerine – which usually just sit on my hair – as the weather isn’t particularly favourable at the moment. They include;
Coconut oil
Sweet almond oil
Grapeseed oil
Castor oil
Eucalyptus oil
Rosemary oil

The idea is to mix light and penetrative oils with essential oils so that it doesn’t just sit or and coat the hair strands but actually seal in moisture and stimulate growth.

Do you have an applicator bottle? What are its contents?

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