What is apple cider vinegar?

Yesterday, I talked about grapeseed oil. Today, it’s going to be apple cider vinegar (ACV). Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has long been used as a natural hair care product to promote healthy hair in both men and woman.
Its acidity is close to that of natural hair. It’s a good conditioner, a cleaning agent and also an effective germ killer.



  • makes hair shine,
  • regulates pH of your shin,
  • removes stains from teeth,
  • soothes sunburn,
  • An all-natural massage treat,
  • can aid weight loss,
  • balance the inner body system,
  • can reduce heartburn.
  • also tames tummy troubles,
  •  prevents indigestion,
  •  help for hiccups,
  •  soothes sore throat,
  •  reduces swelling,
  •  banishes bad breath,
  •  control blood sugar,
  •  lowers blood cholesterol,
  •  acne remedy,
  •  natural deodorant,
  •  skin toner,
  •  invigorating foot soak

and the list goes onnnnnnn!

Well, so far, I think it’s been great. I’ve been looking for an alternative to roll-on deodorants cos i think they darken my armpits (shaving creams too!). I’ve tried using just water and lavender oil but that didn’t do much. However, for the past 2 days, ACV has done a good job as my natural deodorant: I just dab some on my armpits with cotton wool and tada! I need not worry, as it acts as a toner and keeps the stinkies away. I have also used it as my mouthwash since I’ve had it and it’s awesome. Sha remember to dilute it properly with water & gargle with water after. LOL. I also used it in my bath water and I really liked it.
Can you people see how I act as a guinea pig? LOL.
It’s great, really. I wish I actually got it earlier. The ‘cheapie’ one I got was N 390 but I know I shoulda gotten the N 500 Heinz one.. next time I promise!

The product junkie in me wants to get Mustard Oil next: I spotted it on the aisle. It’s cheap but the bottle is too big. Who lives in Abuja and wants to share with me? Holla! LOL. Trust me, I’ve read about it: it’s awesome.

What products did you recently purchase?

Love, TUnrie.

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