What is baggying hair?

What is baggying hair you may ask?

Baggying is simply wearing a plastic bag or shower cap over your hair for a minimum of 2 – 3 hours. You can either baggy your entire hair or just the ends by wearing the cap over your ends only.

Baggying your entire hair


Baggying only your ends

 Why should I baggy my hair?

It’s a way to ensure that your hair really absorbs the moisture you apply to it. If your hair feels dry during the week and you don’t have time to deep condition your hair, you might want to ‘baggy’ to add more moisture into your hair.

How do I baggy my hair?

You can choose to apply your hair moisturizer before wearing the bag/shower cap or you can choose not to apply any moisturizer. Sometimes, I apply a moisturizer. Sometimes I don’t.

When you apply a moisturizer, you should not leave the shower cap on too long so that your hair doesn’t get too wet. If you don’t mind it getting wet, you can leave it for as long as possible and then dry your hair afterwards.

On the other hand, if you don’t apply a moisturizer, you might want to leave it for a longer time. Sometimes as long as 4-5 hours or overnight. The moisturizer you have applied in the preceding days would be ‘reactivated’ by your natural body heat to release moisture but it would take a longer time. Your hair will be very mildly damp.

The Truth about Baggying.

When you take off the shower cap, you can then seal in the moisture with any oil/butter of your choice.

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