What Are Your Hair Goals For 2015?


It’s only right to start the new year with an evaluation of the previous year as well as a plan for the new one and that includes your hair.

Setting hair goals – whether long-term or short-term – helps you plan and achieve desired results. The most common being the length goal followed closely by edges and thickness. Whatever you decide according to your hair.
1. Now it is absolutely important to set your goals according to your hair type.
2. You cannot go around creating unrealistic hair goals when you know for sure that it will fall through and disappoint yourself in the process. So it’s important to bear some of these things in mind.

For this year, my primary goal is to experiment with more styles with or without extensions. I realise that my hair has reached  a certain length and there’s absolutely no excuse right now. Followed closely by length retention and of course and fuller edges. I had such an amazingly successful result last year.

My goal for 2014 was basically a #NoCombChallenge where I wasn’t allowed to pass a comb through my hair for 12 months. It was such an enlightening experience so much that I had to find alternatives to combing my natural hair and retaining length at the same time. The result has triggered yet another set of goals for this year!

So, over to you!

What are your hair goals – both short and long-term – for 2015?

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