Weight loss journey: End of week 2

Hi people. So I’m two weeks into my weight loss journey. This morning, I’m down to 72.7 kg from last week’s 73.8kg and I’m super excited!

Exercises I’ve been doing
1. I walked twice this week for about 70 minutes each time. I walked 30 minutes on another day when I had less time. My target is to walk at least one hour a day 5 days a week.
2. I did Week two of Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30 DVD

My meals
– For breakfast, I usually take some plain yoghurt mixed with cereal.
– Lunch has been 1 fried egg with lots of vegetables OR salad.
– For dinner, I had vegetable salad on some nights. I did have eba and Banga soup once. The Urhobo girl in me can’t resist Banga soup oh! I also had beans and plantain porridge yesterday. All in all, this week hasn’t been as strict as last week cos’ I’ve nibbled from my kids’ cookies. I even took a little cake yesterday. Blushing. Couldn’t resist it!

I took a picture today so I can see how I look in the next few weeks to months.


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  1. I remember the challenge you started at the beginning of 2013 🙂 .. It helped me get into serious exercising.. Glad to say i lost 27 kg last year and 43 in total. I’m on the last lap to my goal weight. I started a combination of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution & Rushfit Jan 1. It’ll run for 90 days.. Well done Dr Fomsky…

    1. My sister oh, see me! I dropped out of the journey! Congrats to you for an excellent job! I’m sure it was mighty hard work!! How’s the Body Revolution and Rushfit coming along? Would you like to do a review of these programs on our blog?

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