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Hello everyone! One of the vital responsibilities of anyone on a healthy hair journey is to effectively carry out the wash day routine. Whether relaxed or natural, wash days are paramount to the overall health of the hair and should be done accordingly. It is also important to have in mind that wash days shouldn’t necessarily be strenuous or exhausting. As long as you know what works for your hair, it will be a breeze. You might even enjoy it like mine.

Personally, I’ve streamlined my wash days to suit my needs and the time available. Consistency is key and that is also why it needs to be convenient so you don’t just rush over.

Since I do most of my work from home, my wash day is usually on Monday or Sunday afternoon when it isn’t convenient but majorly on Mondays. My monthly routine at the beginning of the month or any other day starts with:

  • Deep Condition. I apply my protein treatment usually BAMA Mayonnaise and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) OR African Naturalistas Hair Mayonnaise or Hair mask (My hair has been washed prior to now).
  • Cover with shower, plastic cap and scarf(s).
  • Leave for about 3-4 hours.
  • Rinse out with Black/Green tea rinse
  • Shampoo and Condition
  • Rinse with Cold water
  • Air dry.
  • Apply Leave-in.
  • Seal with Castor oil
  • Braid in sections.

This is my staple wash day routine. Yeah you might be wondering. It’s not the regular way. That’s because I co-wash my hair frequently. Most times even up thrice weekly and sometimes, daily. It depends on the weather. So my hair isn’t exactly ”dirty” so to speak. Once in a while when I feel like it or when necessary, I pre-poo with a hot oil treatment or honey and continue my routine the regular way.  I’ll be posting my full routine in my next post.

What’s your wash day like? Is it like mine or otherwise?


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