[WASH DAY] Multani Mitti Mud Mask + Tips For A Successful Wash Day

I typically don’t put up my wash days except I do something quite different. I’ve finally fallen into a routine of sorts and my wash day pretty much comprises of a mud mask + deep condition. This time, I decided to switch things up a bit.

The last time Kemi Lewis styled my hair, she said I had product build up. I was confused because I had just washed my hair the day before so where did the product build up come from? Anyways, I realized that inasmuch as I don’t use many products, I mix too many things in my mud masks. The idea of mud mask is to save time on wash days so I try to combine oils, honey, ACV and any other thing around so I don’t have to deep condition after rinsing out. I have a feeling that this has contributed a lot to my product buildup so I’ve decided to stop.

This past wash day,

I took down flat twists which I wore for about a week and my hair was really greasy.

Then I mixed 5 tsp of Multani Mitti with water alone. I wanted to try using it without any additions to see how it would turn out.

I left it on my hair for about 30 – 45 minutes and rinsed out afterward. My hair was nicely detangled and cleansed without drying out. I was really impressed and resolved to continue with this method.

On the flip side, this means that I would need to deep condition after every mud wash to restore moisture. Plus the weather is a bit dry now so better safe than sorry.

I went on to deep condition with Silk Dreams Chocolate Bliss Conditioner and left it for about 30 minutes

Then I rinsed out and moisturized with my LOC Method.


Quick Tips For Mud Mask Wash Days.

– Most clays swell so start with a few spoonfuls and continue from there to avoid leftovers. Better still, use the leftovers as a face mask.

– Rinse out mud masks with warm water. The warm water dissolves the clay gently and rinsing is a breeze.

– Always finish up with a co- wash just in case there are bits of clay left. Don’t forget to close up your cuticles with cold water this time.

– Follow up with a deep conditioner just in case you are using a drying clay like Bentonite. You might be tempted to get away with milder clays like Multani but don’t get carried away.

– Have separate utensils for your mud masks. You don’t want to hear stories that touch.


Here’s to better and improved wash days!

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