Wash day – 23rd November 2014


I applied coconut oil + hemp seed oil to my hair  and TROPIC ISLE LIVING JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL HAIR THERAPY WITH BLACK SEED AND BLACK WALNUT OIL on my scalp


I used Shescentit blueberry co-wash conditioner.  This cleansing conditioner has a lot of slip and I hope I can get it in our Sizzelle store soon.

Tea rinse

I applied my mix of Ginger + Rosemary + Chamomile teas to my scalp using my ROOTS ONLY APPLICATOR BOTTLE. I was going to add coffee but I forgot. I use ginger because it has anti-inflammatory properties which I believe help to soothe my scalp. That is the same reason I also use chamomile. Rosemary has hair growth properties, amongst other benefits.

Deep Condition

I applied Brown butter beauty butter love deep conditioner and sat underneath my dryer for about 20 minutes. Rinsed it out and towel-dried my hair for a few minutes. This conditioner does have good slip and made my hair strong but not hard. Although it is a protein conditioner, I do think it is rather light and I will do a heavier protein treatment soon.


Kurlee Belle thirst kurls leave-in conditioner. This leave-in has a lot of slip and softens my hair very well. I do however think that it is too light to use on its own. I used the Pura Body Naturals Murumuru moisture milk on top of the Kurlee Belle leave-in. I sealed in the moisture with the creamy buttery Naturalista cosmetics juicy leave-in conditioner.


I roller set my hair and air-dried for about 3 hours cos I had loads of stuff to do about the house. When my kids had gone to bed, I sat under my standing dryer for about 1 hour. Took out the rollers, wrapped my hair and went to bed. The next morning, I combed out my hair and did a little length check.




Later in the day:


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