VACATION HAIR CARE SERIES: When you go swimming!

Many ladies do a protective style for the duration of their vacation and this makes life so easy. On the other hand, some ladies want to go with their hair. This series is mainly for those ladies who are brave enough to go on vacation with their own hair.

Swimming is a fun part of vacation but it’s important to protect your hair when you do. Even though you are not going swimming and you’re just going to a water park, your hair is still going to get wet. You should also take the necessary precautions. Pack the products you’ll need in your changing bag.

Look for a swimmer’s shampoo. If you don’t find any that specifically says swimmer’s shampoo, look out for one that has ethylendiamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) on its ingredient list. This chemical binds with the chlorine, helping to wash it out of the hair. Citric acid is also good for helping remove chlorine.


  1. Before you step into the pool, saturate your hair with tap water.
  2. Apply a conditioner and/or oil on your hair.
  3. Wear a swimming cap if available. If not, put your hair in a bun.
  4. When you are done swimming, rinse your hair thoroughly.
  5. Wash your hair with your shampoo.
  6. Deep condition, dry and style your hair.
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  1. Hello dr fomsky,i recently learned about your book on relaxed hair and issues related to it,i would please like to know how to download it on my phone and soonest too! Thank u!

      1. Hello dr Fomsky, I have decided to use purely natural products for my conditioner and shampoo on my relaxed hair,i went online and found some homemade recipes,before embarking on this new hair journey,i’lld please like some expert advice from u and if possible any homemade recipes to be used for making conditioner and shampoo.thank u!

        1. Hi Zainab. Yes homemade recipes are pretty good. For shampoo, you can simply melt black soap (Dudu-Osun) and mix with some oils (and tea tree oil) and this works well. For your conditioner, you can mix avocado and yoghurt (for a protein conditioner) AND bananas, honey and coconut milk for a moisturising conditioner.

          1. Thank u very for the helpful response, I wanted to ask if I can mix the black soap(the one I have is locally made which I got from the market) with olive,coconut and almond oil?those are the oils I currently have. then i’m the kind of person who prefers to mix all at once so that I won’t have a long wash day,so is it safe to mix all the ingredients for the conditioner? (Meaning both the protein and moisturising homemade conditioner)( I use mayonnaise and olive oil for my protein conditioner. I also use Vo5 herbal escapes conditioner as my moisturising conditioner,though when I exhaust the one I have,i’ll use strictly natural and homemade products).thank u.

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