Three Strand Twists because Two-Strand Twists are too mainstream…

Yes, because two strand twists are too mainstream, I learnt how to do three-strand twists and honestly….

I got rid of my crochet braids after 2 weeks… yes I know it should have been 6 but I could no longer take the itchy scalp moments. So armed with a number of YouTube tutorials and evidence that a friend, Ekene had tried it, I ventured to tried this strange 3-strand twist.

Truth be told, I only did these twists cos’ I was feeling too lazy to go ahead with Washday. I mean you all know how long wash days can be especially after protective styling. So, laziness as I was and as dirty as my hair was, I did my three strand twists and it looked great and felt even better. This was my attempt to wear my hair out instead of tying scarf everywhere. LOL.

Three strand twists are quite easy really, just a better variant of 2 strand twists only with more pros. Your twists-outs will definitely be more pronounced if you do this variant of twists and the twists just generally look better, in my opinion. Just like the 2 strand twist involves twirling two sections of your hair together, this has to do with twirling 3 sections, creating a spiral movement, and then for the tips you merge the 3 sections into 2 and end it as a 2 strand twist. This will sound more simple if you watch one or two videos on YouTube.

It took about 2 hours getting my whole head of hair done. I’ve worn it out already and I really enjoyed it: I got a handful of compliments AND I already promised a friend to make the 3 strand twists for her. Yea, I’m nice like that. Here are some pictures.


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  1. My dear, I dey find where to make crochet braids since ooo…and I love your three strand twist…still can’t figure out the three strand twist…also, na your hair or extension be that…loving it all..

    1. Ah, you can make the crochet braids by yourself if you’re feeling adventurous but it’s an easy style that most natural hair salons can make now, you could just show a tutorial to a stylist and they’d be able to make it. Thank you o for the compliment and yes, all na my hair 😀 loool..

      1. Olivia, Dabs of NHCG does crotchet braids@her appointment only salon. Google her details. Tunrie,love your posts I think I have read most of them. Your bio says you cut off your hair last year and its grown so much. I’m transitioning and this is giving me hope. Would like to see a post if you please on your BC and progress so far. Thanks.

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