The TWA: Why I Miss it & Why I Don’t.

Hey guys. I hope you’re all doing splendid!

Well, for the 3 weeks or 2 I had my hair out, I found that I got ‘tired’ of it rather quickly. I was always worried about sweating on my scalp which meant I had to wash my hair: I was really busy at the time which meant I literally had no time to wash my hair and when I did, it was later at night and it just went on and on. Like Inception. LOL 😀

In the midst of this, I got to reminiscing: those days where I put water in my hair everyday. The stress-free life of the TWA. The teeny-weeny-yummy-afro. I loved my teeny weeny afro even though it made me look like a 12 year old boy when I did my NYSC but that’s another story.

Teeny weeny afro Nigeria

The thing is, hair will grow. Even if rather slowly, it will surely grow. I remember the first meet-up we had in Abuja, I met so many ladies with hair, gorgeous hair. I spotted Sandeey of HairofLife and I asked her how long she had been growing it for. I was so excited that my hair would look just like that in a couple of years. I was so excited but everyone kept saying they missed having a TWA. I wondered what was wrong with them. Now I actually miss my TWA.

What I Miss.

I miss the ease of it. No worries, no stress, it was ‘purr-fect’. Don’t get me wrong. I love the length I have managed to retain but a sister can reminisce. I miss having nothing to even do with the hair.

What I Don’t Miss.

I don’t miss not having length. LOL. What am I saying? But yea. I don’t miss looking like a boy-child.

Oh well… Point is, I will definitely try to keep my hair maintenance as minimalist as possible. As India Arie said, I am not my hair..maybe I am..okay maybe a little. I digress. I just won’t be meticulously scribbling down ayurvedic recipes for my next washday/night. Maybe I will…I hope not. Until then, protective styling for the win!

P.S: There’s a hair meet-up for ladies in Abuja on the 31st of May I think… 🙂 More details soon!

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