Tunrie’s Clarifying Washday Post

Hey guys! I finally got around to washing my hair! This is how it went down.
I started by prepping my hair for the wash by finger-detangling and sectioning into 6 parts. I reached for some carrier oil but I decided against it because my hair had enough oil and gunk from the product buildup I had going on.
I used Baudelaire Soaps, Loofa Mint Bar Soap to cleanse my scalp and strands. This bar soap did a pretty good job and didn’t strip my hair too much. I had to use it twice to get out all the gunk in my hair. This bar leaves up to its minty name and I hope Sizzelle could make something like this possible soon.
Scalp massage
I incorporated my Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush into this wash day. To cleanse my hair, I wet my hair, worked the bar soap in and used the shampoo brush in place of the pads of my fingers to wash my hair.
After rinsing out the suds, I worked some Apple Cider Vinegar into my hair and scalp and covered it for about 5 minutes. I figured I needed to clarify because I hadn’t washed my hair in a verrry long time.
I skipped deep-conditioning and went straight for the leave-in. I use the Hairveda Red Tea Nourishing Satin Moisturiser which has considerable slip to detangle. I think this moisturiser is the bomb. You can see why it’s sold out! I have used it on dry dirty hair and clean damp hair WITHOUT sealing with a butter and my hair has STAYED soft and manageable. I trimmed and sealed my ENDS with the Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil Serum with Argan Oil. I also put a bit of oil mixed with a drop of eucalyptus oil because I like the tingling feeling my scalp gets when I do that.
I ended up retwisting my hair in the sections I washed it in. The next evening, I made some cornrows in preparation for my protective styling.
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