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I’m pretty sure the product junkies in the house have already heard about the Obia Natural Haircare line. I actually think she’s playing her cards right. Many naturalistas have raved enough about her products  to make me want to try them out. Luckily for me, I had the perfect chance to do so with The Mayenka Box, which is similar to the American Curlbox or the Nigerian Boonbox. If you’ve never heard of those, they contain a range of products for a price. Apparently, Mayenka had the Obia IT box for the month of July and I wasn’t going to let it pass! The box cost €15 (3,500N) but that became about €21 (4,700N) plus delivery charges. I think this is mostly for those in France. I’d share my experience with you!

Customer Service: I would rate them a 7/10. Mainly because I don’t think I got enough care as a customer. I know we customers complain about spamming when an item is ordered but I don’t think I got spammed enough. I didn’t know when my order was to be shipped until I mailed them about it.

The Box: Well, this turned out smaller than I thought. I know they explained the sizes in the description section but what is the point of telling me I’m going to get a 2oz sample and you’re displaying a 4-6oz on the same page. Maybe it was some oversight but it played “tinko” with my expectations. Maybe I should have gotten a more expensive box.


My box contained 5 products: the Curl Hydration Spray (8oz), the Curl Enhancing Custard (2oz), the Babassu Deep Conditioner (2oz), the Curl Moisture Cream (2oz) and the Neem & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar (4oz).

So far I have used only the shampoo bar and the curl moisture cream. And I shall share my experience. Before I do that, I have to say that the tiny Babassu d/c makes me laugh! Though it smells yum and the ingredients list is great, how many sections of my hair is this supposed to cover? -_-

The Neem & Tea Tree shampoo bar was divine. It smells more citrus-y than I thought it would and it tastes good too (don’t ask me how I know this…) I wish the smell lingered a little more. But it did a pretty good job. My scalp is pretty pleased and my hair too. It’s cruelty free too. Its ingredients include the saponified oils (converted into soap) of avocado, palm, castor bean; vegetable glycerin, water and neem, tea tree and rosemary essential oils; sorbitol (a humectant which attracts water to the hair to keep the moisture) and fragrance.



As for the Curl Moisture Cream, although the tiny jar taught me to be light-handed with my application, it made me quite satisfied with my hair and this doesn’t happen often especially with the hard water here. Unfortunately, the jar is too tiny for me to see the ingredients list but I spot water and a couple of oils. Lol. I’m still salty about this tiny jars. But the combo of just two products in this line definitely gave me results I’m quite happy with! Look at my twists!



Final Thoughts: The box is pretty worth it. I mean even considering the cost of spray bottles and tiny jars in the market today, I think I got a pretty good deal. I’m definitely convinced about Obia’s line (even though I haven’t tried the 3 other products). Although her handsome brother played a great part in this, the products I’ve tried so far also made my hair pretty happy. Will I try Obia again? Of course. Will I get another Mayenka box? Probably.

P.S: This is not a sponsored post although I wish it was 😀

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