INTRODUCING A NEW BLOGGER: The Journey: Natural. Texlaxed. Relaxed

Hi Sizzelle readers, I’m Stephanie, the newest blogger in Sizzelle town and hair is my passion 😀 !

In 2013, I was introduced to the world of healthy hair care via YouTube videos and ever since, a flame in form of a desire for long, healthy and voluminous hair, has been burning in me.

A little about my hair journey…

February 2013 was the start of my journey. My friends and I, in the pursuit of healthy hair, decided to go natural. In our minds this was the only way to achieve our goal 😕 – errrm so wrong!

There was no way I was gonna cut my hair so I decided to do a long-term transition, which is basically growing out my hair without getting relaxers. It was a pretty exciting time for me, and I absolutely loved playing with my curly roots and getting everyone to feel the puffiness. *grin*  By February 2014, I was ready to see what my curls looked like so I went ahead and did the big chop *snip snip*

Natural Hair (2014)
Natural Hair (2014)

Side note – It was so exciting and I loved my new hair, but guys my hair literally grew like 3 inches in 1 year! Seriously what was that about?!  If that isn’t slow I don’t know what is?

For 10 months I rocked my natural hair. I must have watched every hair video on YouTube, spent my whole NYSC salary on hair products, used up enough water to fill an ocean during wash days and driven my friends and family crazy with the constant talk about hair (Yup I was obsessed!). OK I promise it wasn’t this bad, it was actually fun learning about my hair, healthy hair practices, and hair products, but it hit me one day that if I took as much care of my relaxed hair as I did my natural hair, it would probably thrive and be a lot easier and less time-consuming to handle. I played around with the thought of relaxing my hair for almost a month and I probably changed my mind a thousand times but I finally succumbed on the 5th of December 2014 (Yes I remember the date), and I got my hair texlaxed (this is relaxing the hair but for a less time so as to leave some texture in it) and oh my days I was in love with the results.

Texlaxed Hair (December 2014)
Texlaxed Hair (December 2014)

6 months later, I went to the salon for a touch up and I came out with bone straight relaxed hair 😯 ! I wasn’t aiming for that but I absolutely love the sleekness of it and being able to slide a comb through my hair so easily has been the highlight of my year! I haven’t decided yet, but I just might keep fully relaxing my hair instead of texlaxing.

Relaxed Hair (August 2015)
Relaxed Hair (August 2015)

So that’s me and my hair in a nutshell! The journey so far has been pretty crazy and amazing, I’ve gone from natural to texlaxed to relaxed and I’ve learnt some great tips and tricks which I can’t wait to share with you all through my blogposts. So stay tuned and let’s go on this new journey together!


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