The Art Of Flexi Rods

Flexi Rods a.k.a bendy rollers are my latest hair obsession. The results are amazing. The waves and bounce I have achieved this week even drew compliments from my colleagues. Natural, Relaxed or Transitioning, here is a protective hairstyle option that will save you a fortune. You get a fun, flirty and gorgeous hairstyle. And the good news, is that you can sleep with it. No headaches and don’t forget to wrap a satin scarf over your hair!

For those transitioning – It blends the two textures and makes it easy to maintain.

Here is more good news!  Flexi rods require low-manipulation  i.e. there is minimal combing, brushing or tugging on the hair PLUS you get to stop the  ugly “B” word…BREAKAGE.

The retail price ranges from N300 to N1000. They also come in different colours and sizes. I use the dark  blue ones. My hair is shoulder length (SL) and slightly full. You can’t go wrong with these flexi rods.

Flexi Rods

 I started off with the front hair and sectioned it into smaller sections. I moisturized and sealed my hair by applying my usual: Tropic Isle Living leave-in conditioner and a very small amount of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Working with very small sections, I combed through each section with a small tooth comb to eliminate any tangles AND to thoroughly stretch my hair out.  It is really important that you comb through your hair prior to applying the flexi rod.  I wrapped the ends of my hair around the end of the rod and twisted my hair firmly up and around the rod.  Once I reached my roots, I bent the rod to secure it in place.  The rods are very flexible and can be bent in any direction.  I wrapped my hair with a satin scarf for bed. In the morning, Voila!

The Art of Flexi Rods

If you are still in doubt, click HERE to view this  YouTube tutorial that will convince you further! Go on! Look fabulous! You are so worth it!

P.S: These ‘hairstyle golds’ are great on weave-ons too!

Have you ever tried flexi rods?  Please share your thoughts.

Have a fab weekend my darlings.


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