Texlaxed: First time a charm

Hi guys,

Been a minute. Did anyone try the tea rinse? How did it go? I’d like to know your experience. Recently, I have been contemplating what to do with my hair as I had texturized earlier in the year and was due for a touch-up. I had three options: do nothing (let the breakage continue and gradually transit back to natural hair), texturize or texlax.

I have accepted that I’m a bit adventurous and this is the only reason why I’m facing these three options because my natural hair was doing just fine. It was the quest for adventure that drew me to ‘substances’ in the first place. Anyways, I chose to go with the texlax as I had experienced the first two but hadn’t done a texlax before.

Want to know how I feel? Charmed! Let’s just say I didn’t know what “laid edges” meant before texlaxing. I had come to terms with my errant edges that would be on the edge (pun intended) in a matter of minutes regardless of the quantity of edge control (gel) applied. In spite of this, I loved them like any other (Salma Hayek) hairline and they weren’t a source of headache in any way.


Anyways, I headed to Savvy Chic Hair & Beauty Hub for the texlax as I needed to hand my strands mane over to people I could trust. Unfortunately, I didn’t document the process in photos as I was tense/nervous/edgy all through. Please don’t judge me, the last time I relaxed my hair was in 2012.

They used a relaxer from Hawaiian Silky and diluted it with some oil. I didn’t bother asking what oil it was, due to the prevailing tension earlier mentioned. My thoughts wandered from “what if my hair was suddenly uprooted from my scalp? to “what will happen to my delicate edges?” and I also wondered if #teamnatural would still let me sit with them after my experience.

The fact that I went on a Friday evening didn’t help much. Friday evening = date night. Everyone knows this right? So imagine going through a major life change and the time frame is the only thing that is of concern to your boyfriend. He eventually canceled as he didn’t want to be sitting idly in his office, the hairdresser took the brunt of this and the poor lady didn’t understand why I switched from dream client to clientzilla in minutes. Life.

I have digressed. Again. After sectioning the hair in three and applying the relaxer, she massaged it in with a hair brush and we were ready to rinse out. I’d say the application lasted about 25-30 minutes. The A/C was blowing directly on my hair, somehow I feel this helped in reducing the relaxer action. She washed and conditioned, I didn’t check for the products that were used, blame my tension. After rinsing off, she blow dried.

I am not a big fan of heat on my hair but I had earlier decided to leave the hair in a protective style and reckoned it was important she dried it as it would stay that way for weeks. At some point, it seemed she was getting heat/blow-dryer happy so I had to exercise my rights to end it. I opted for two woven plaits, don’t know what you oyinbos call it but we know it as matting/didi. I still wasn’t wowed by the overall look until the Ecostyler gel appeared. I thought she was being a bit too generous with the substance but I couldn’t complain when I saw how fine my edges were looking.

For this singular reason, there might be a return visit for texlaxing although a big chop and TWA are in the future plans. Life is for living innit?

Five days post-relaxer :)
Five days post-relaxer 🙂

I will be sure to update you on my first texlaxed washday and how my hair responds it.

Till then. Keep being you ‘cos every other person is taken.

Ecclesiastes 12:13

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