How To Style Your Short Relaxed Hair

I met LolaOJ briefly at the registration stand of Beauty Africa Expo. Two things stood out for me; her flawless makeup and her signature short hair.

She’s one of those people who tempts me to have short hair. So, when I saw this tutorial for her signature style, I knew I had to share for my relaxed ladies out there.

Here’s what she said,

I get a lot of questions about how I maintain my short relaxed hair whilst keeping it as healthy as possible.

I previously released a video about the products I used for my short hair but many requested a more practical video so they could see how I set my hair.

The truth is I relax and look after my hair myself, I only go to the barbers for my shaven sides. Currently my hair is not cut into a style, it was like level one (very low cut) but I have been growing out the top for a few months now…my ends are due for a trim lol

My hair is rather low maintenance, I do not grease my scalp and I also have not used edge control since I have been growing out the top of my hair and seems to be working fine…on occasion I run some pure virgin Coconut Oil across my edges.

So here it is, a quick tutorial on how I style my short relaxed hair. I hope it helps!!

Watch the tutorial below!

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