Starter Tips for Starter Locs

Welcome to Tunrie’s loc journey! Yes you guessed it! I’m loc-ing up my hair. Let the countdown begin! 
If you’re thinking of locs, here are some starter tips for you. 
  • Research : as with anything, research is really important. Before making the decision, I had to educate myself. I discovered that I could start my locs with two methods: crocheting which will give me immediate locs, no wait periods; and starter locs (braids, twists, coils etc) which has a longer wait period before the hair starts to loc.
  • Ask questions : so far I have basically held long interviews with my loc head friends. Lucky for me, they have graciously answered my numerous questions and I’m getting closer to deciding how I want to start my locs!
  • Loc inspiration : Pinterest is obviously the gold mine of inspiration but recently I have been getting my daily dose of loc inspiration from the Locitude Instagram Feed! This really makes me wish she could install my starter locs for me! Ade is all kinds of bae and she’s so inspiring!
  • Here are some drool-worthy starter locs!




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