How To Spice Up Your Cheapie Conditioner

One of my weekly regimen is co-washing. I actually co-wash my hair twice weekly. I realised that washing with conditioner cleanses andmoisturizes my hair gently without stripping it. There are times when I co-wash daily especially during the dry season.

Anyways, because of the frequency of co-washing, we always advise to settle for a cheapie conditioner that’s easier to access and replace. That way you could maximize it without thinking so much about the price. But if you can, why not? There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from splurging on the conditioner of your choice.

But for those of us that would rather invest in bottles of cheapie conditioners, there are ways they can be spiced up bearing in mind that often times they aren’t always laden with the best ingredients as their fellow counterparts.

What do I mean? Cheapie conditioners are most times over flooded with chemicals rather than natural/beneficial ingredients given the price and all. But don’t fret! There’s an effective way of increasing the potency of your conditioner: by the addition of oils-topical/carrier or essential oils. Piece of cake yeah? Right!

It’s actually very simple. All you need to do is to:

  • add few drops of any oil(s) of your choice
  • shake! shake!
  • Apply as usual.
  • Repeat when you run of  conditioner.
Personally, I add Amla Plus Oil mostly because of its awful and unpleasant scent plus it’s packed with Ayruevdic herbs like henna, amla and brahmi and is ridiculously cheap.


So, next time you co-wash your hair, remember you can spice it up!

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