Special care for clip in hair extensions

It important to know how to care for clip in hair extensions especially as they can be an expensive purchase (depending on what kind of extensions you buy – synthetic or natural and where you buy them). Plus, they are one of the latest hair trends.

Where to acquire hair extensions – Indeed, some beauty parlors will charge you quite an amount since they’ve personally selected the locks and given them a specific treatment. If you look for them online on classifieds sites, they’ll probably cost less because the natural owner gets 100% of the profit. However, in most cases don’t expect them to be previously treated. Just make sure you take a close look at what you’re buying before putting down your money in any case.


Once you get your new locks, it’s very important you treat them carefully and properly, or they’ll get ruined very quickly.

Combing – First of all always comb them before and after wearing them, in order to remove any tangles. However, be gentle with your brush; it’s preferable to use a wide tooth comb or a special looper brush with looped bristles, which is designed specifically for hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces.

Washing and drying – Choosing the correct product for your extensions is vital to make them shine no matter what. Depending on the type of extensions (natural/synthetic, curly/straight/wavy), make sure you choose the best hair products to take care of your locks. In order to keep them smooth and soft, apply a leave-in conditioner daily and allow them to air dry. If you can’t because of time issues, always make sure to keep your hairdryer on a low-heat mode, or it will ruin your locks.

Putting them on – Now, the best way to put them in is to tease your real hair a bit at the root and then roughen it up a bit back combing it, so that the pins will grip better and will stay put for longer. However, if you’re wearing them to enhance the volume of your ponytail, it’s better to put them in upside down, so that your real hair will cover them better and will keep them in place.

Styling – If you’re planning on a heated style, keep in mind that most of the time, heat can be used only on 100% human extensions. Even if you’re using it on natural hair, always go for a ionic ceramic heat styling tool, so it won’t ruin your hair as much. In addition, always use alcohol-free products on your extensions to prevent product buildup, as it will ruin them faster.

At night – The best thing is to remove them before going to bed, but if you cannot do so, a little trick to avoid tangling during the night is to wrap your hair up with a satin scarf or in sleep cap, or use a satin pillow case, in order to prevent friction.

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