[ VIDEO TUTORIAL] Sleek & Stretched Low Bun On 4C Natural Hair

I’m a fan of the sleek look on other people but I’ve never really gotten around to actually doing it. For some reason, I always think that I will need to use so much gel to achieve that look.  After watching a couple of videos, I concluded that it wasn’t for me. I currently do not have any occasion that requires that kind of style but I’m still open to trying it though and when I do, I will definitely document it.

On to today’s tutorial.

Whitney Madueke will be showing us how to stretch our hair to achieved the sleek look. It’s a simple protective style that can be worn during this festive season. So, if you have a short – medium length 4C natural hair, then this is for you.

What she did…


KTC Coconut Oil
Got2b Gel
Eco styler gel (Sizzelle Store)

She started on stretched hair, sectioned it into two, applied Eco Styler Gel and brushed it down. When she was down, she applied another type of gel, the Got2b Gel and worked it into her hair concentrating on her center part and edges. Then she put her hair in a bun and wore a satin to silk scarf for a few minutes to achieve the final look.


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