Do you know the SKINNY RULES by Bob Harper?

I’ve been meaning to buy the book, Bob Harper’s “The Skinny Rules: The Simple, Nonnegotiable Principles for Getting to Thin”. Although it has very good reviews on Amazon, there are a few negative ones (there always are!). I always like to read negative reviews before I buy anything because they help to give a more objective perspective. Some of the negative reviews were mostly complaining that the book was mostly made up of recipes. Recipes that had difficult-to-find ingredients.

Anyways, I decided to cheat a little and see if anyone had actually posted the rules online and I found them. I’ve listed them out below with what I think about each rule.

1. Drink a large glass of water BEFORE Every meal. – No Excuses! Easy to remember but difficult to follow.

2. Don’t Drink Your Calories. Totally agree. 1 glass of apple juice contains about 117 calories.

3. Eat Protein at EVERY Meal – or stay hungry & grouchy! Easy for most Nigerians to follow..we love our meat!

4. Slash Your Intake of Refined Flours & Grains. Not so easy because a lot of our foods consist of white rice, white bread, etc. It’s time to make change for the better!!

5. Eat 30-50 grams of FIBER per day! How can I measure this please?

6. Eat Apples & Berries Every single day – Yes, EVERY-SINGLE-DAY! Don’t know if I can do this cos’ I don’t exactly love apples. But as they say, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

7. NO Carbs after Lunch (eat ‘lean & green’ at night). Will try this but it seems difficult. Maybe 6 pm is more practical.

8. Learn to Read Food Labels so You know what you are eating! Agree! Agree! Not only food: every single product that has an ingredient list including hair and skin products.

9. Stop Guessing about Portion Size & Get it Right-for good! Need to get myself a kitchen scale.

10. No more added sweeteners – including artificial ones! What about the natural ones like Stevia?

11. Get rid of White potatoes! Why oh why? I’ll try!

12. Make one day a week Meatless. That’s workable. But why?

13. Get rid of Fast foods & fried foods. Totally agree!!!

Fast foods

14. Eat a REAL breakfast. Love me my breakfast!

15. Make Your own food and eat at least ten meals a week at home. So true..when you eat out, you’re not sure the exact calorie or oil content of that food.

16.. Banish High Salt Foods.. Totally agree. Prevent hypertension.

17. Eat Your Vegetables – (no excuses) – Just DO it! Trying my best Bob!

18. Go to bed hungry! Don’t agree with this one…don’t want to start dreaming about eating ‘eba and ogbono soup’.

19. Sleep Right. Don’t get this one. Maybe he means get enough sleep.

20. Plan one splurge MEAL per week. Nice rule.

 I’ve said mine…So, what do you think will be the easiest rules to abide by and which will you have to put an effort to establish???

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