Sizzelle turns one on April 1st!

Hello people. I just wanted to let you know that Sizzelle turns one on the 1st of April. We launched our website officially on the 1st of April, 2013 and at the beginning, my house was our official headquarters 🙂
In September, we moved to a small shop in Cherub Mall along Lekki expressway, Lagos..We’re still there now.
At the time, I was working in a hospital in Ikoyi and I would pump in 80% of my salary into this business. I didn’t buy myself any new clothes, bags or shoes. Okay. Maybe two or three. Not more. Any monetary gifts I received went straight to this business.

When we were moving into the shop, thank God for my hubby and dad who added some money to help pay the rent. I made a product shelf cabinet which we could afford at the time…Now, I absolutely hate it and hope to redesign the shop soon. Our inner office table, I bought second hand from a company that was moving out of the mall complex. Two of our desktop computers, I also bought second hand. LOL.

It wasn’t easy but God has brought us thus far: I sincerely appreciate your patronage because without you the customers, we are NOTHING.


I thank God for my excellent team: they have been so faithful and loyal.

However, our main issues during the past year have been with logistics: importing products from the US and shipping to customers within Nigeria. Sometimes, our products get lost in transit from the US. Although they usually perform well, sometimes, Tranex (our courier partner) messes us up terribly. Our customers get really upset and it is quite understandable. We are working on saving money on buying a van next year. Did I just say next year? Yes o. This year, we need to pay our rent first o. LOL. We are also looking into alternative shipping methods and couriers for locations that customers usually complain about.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, we are inviting you to pass by our shop anytime on April 1st for light refreshments. Our shop address is:
Suite B7,
Cherub Mall,
Km 18 Lekki Expressway
( Just before Chevron roundabout ).

PLUS all products will be sold at 10% off the regular price. This sale will run from the 1st to the 7th of April. Simply enter the code ONEYEAR at checkout.

Thank you so so much and God richly bless you. We hope we can continue to serve you. This is our goal.

Much love and hugs from the bottom of my heart,
Dr Fomsky.

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  1. Its been a pleasure knowing you too doc…i can’t recall how I found sizzelle, but I know it was during one of my surfing days on the internet, there i found sizzelle and met you. You’ve been wonderful doc, and the sky isn’t gonna be your limit…this is just the beginning of many more succsss to come your way…..Congratulations doctor fomsky….you will celebrate many more years..lots of love.xoxo.

    1. Olivia, my darling. It’s been lovely knowing you’ve been such an encouragement to me…always responding to our Facebook posts and commenting on the blog…thanks so much for the warm wishes..hugs from me!

  2. Congrats to you! And many more years to come!!! I really admire your strength for starting up a business all by yourself. That just shows how much of a Proverbs 31 woman you are. Stay strong & inspiring.

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