How to shampoo black hair

Cleansing your hair is a very important step in hair management. What you use to cleanse your hair, how you do it, how frequently, etc all contribute to the health of your hair.

What you use to cleanse your hair can either leave your feeling stripped or soft. There are several different types of products for cleansing your hair:

  1. shampoos,
  2. soap bars,
  3. cleansing conditioners,
  4. apple cider vinegar,
  5. lemon juice,
  6. baking soda, etc.

For this post, I’ll be talking about shampoos.

Most shampoos contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS) and related products. These shampoos are known to dry our hair, therefore leading to damage. If you can manage it, your weekly shampoo should be free of sodium lauryl sulfates. You can use sulfate-containing shampoos once a month for proper cleansing or clarifying to get rid of excess product buildup.

How you shampoo black hair is also important.

  1. To reduce damage from cleansing your hair, it’s so important to do detangle your hair carefully and do a pre-shampoo condition (prepoo) as a first step.

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  2. While cleansing your hair, don’t rub your hair haphazardly. Rub it gently to prevent tangles from forming. Wash your hair in a downwards direction.woman washing her hair the right way_opt
  3. Don’t pile your hair on top of your head. Don't pile your hair when shampooing
  4. Better still, wash your hair in at least 2 sections.
  5. If your hair is prone to tangles, you can braid your hair into 2-8 braids. This is especially important the longer your hair becomes. Braid each section tightly before washing it. When you wet your hair, it has a tendency to stretch. If you don’t braid it tightly enough, the braid therefore becomes loose when you wet your hair. Making the braid tight prevents it from getting loose.

Frequency of cleansing your hair

How many times you cleanse your hair is also important: I think  you should cleanse your hair at least once in 2 weeks [except you have a weaveon or braids].

Also, don’t cleanse more than twice a week. Cleansing more frequently than this can lead to dryness. If on the second day after you washed your hair, you feel that your hair is dirty, maybe you should try wetting and rinsing your hair with adequate amounts of warm water, skipping your shampoo and then applying a conditioner.

Other qualities you might want to look for in a good shampoo:

  • A shampoo with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5
  • A shampoo that is free of drying i.e ethanol
  • Creamy shampoos
  • A shampoo containing some oils

One more thing…every time you cleanse your hair, don’t forget to deep condition afterwards! Even if you used a cleansing conditioner. (Tip: if you’re using a cleansing conditioner, leave it in for a little longer and that becomes your deep conditioning step.. you don’t have to use another product if it’s too much hassle!).

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