Do you have a hair goal?

I read this post, The first step to longer hair, from a blog called Kibibi blog and the writer (Ms Kibibi) talked about goal setting as being the first step to longer hair.

When I was in medical school, I learnt the key elements of any goal can be described by the mnemonic SMART:

Specific: You can make a specific goal by saying, for example, you want to grow 2 inches of hair.

Measurable: You can measure your goals by measuring your hair progress objectively by taking pictures and using hair growth comparison t-shirts

Attainable: Is it possible? You should not aim to grow 2 inches in 1 month. This is NOT attainable. The average person grows 1/2 inch of hair monthly. If you use a growth aid, you might reach for 1 inch.

Relevant: Is it worthwhile? Still trying to figure out how to relate this to hair care! 😛

Time-bound: Your goals should be time-bound, for example you can aim to achieve your 2 inches of growth in 3 months.

My MAJOR hair goal for the remaining 5 months of this year is to keep my hair healthy and then get a very nice trim at the end of the year (2-4 inches!). That means that I’ll probably lose all the hair I’ve grown this year! I’ll start setting length goals by next year.

Do you have a hair goal

What are your hair goals for the remaining months of this year? By the way, I’m thinking that we should have a HEALTHY HAIR BOOTCAMP to run till the end of the year. What do you think?

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