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After my last wash day on Friday, I retouched my roots on Monday. 1. On this relaxer day, I used my trusted Profective Mega Growth super strength Relaxer. Remember my self relaxing experience??? I did not want to try doing it myself again… so I won’t damage my hair and maybe eventually my brain.. lol. So I went to the salon, detangled my hair with my Silk Elements Comb and sat under the dryer for 5 minutes. I did that so that my scalp would be dry (I sweat on my scalp) and I didn’t want to suffer any relaxer burns. 2. After applying the relaxer, I sat for few minutes and allowed the stylist to comb through before washing it off. I loved the result, the roots were straight but the

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ends still had some texture………I rollerset my hair and refused to style it in the salon. The next day I wore my hair out with the curls like that to work.

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Roller set day 1
Here are some pictures of my hair and length. IMG_20140611_170838   Hair update-Sizzelle blog Hair Update-sizzelle blog IMG_20140611_170646

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