Any relaxed hair blogs/vlogs left?


Yesterday, I was telling you guys that some relaxed hair bloggers were transitioning to natural hair. So, I decided to go searching for ladies who are still relaxed…..don’t be surprised that someone in this list might join the transition train soon though..THIS LIST IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE….Feel free to add more blogs in the comments section below.

  1. Hairlicious incI stumbled on her blog sometime in 2009 and she is the main reason I started my hair journey.
  2. Naija hair can grow..a fellow naija sister
  3. Today’s nairaanother naija sister
  4. Saving our strandsI simply adore this blog
  5. Lauren Mechelle
  6. Fresh lengths
  7. The happy hair show (YouTube channel)
  8. Netta Monique (YouTube channel)
  9. Diaries of another relaxed chic
  10. The Awkward Stage
  11. My hair obsessed ego
  12. Fancy flair lady
  13. Relaxed hair health
  14. Relaxed thairapy
  15. Perfect tresses
  16. The Jen chronicles
  17. The Tabbi1 (YouTube channel)
  18. Yanii Torres (YouTube channel)


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