Relaxed hair bloggers transitioning to natural hair: what do you think?

Hi people. I just learnt that Ebony Princess of Longing4length blog is transitioning to ‘unrelaxed’ hair. I wasn’t surprised anyways because I think this has become a trend in the relaxed hair blogosphere. I have also considered going natural but if I were to do it, I’ll do the big chop. I just don’t have the stomach to handle transitioning. However, I’m staying relaxed for now.

Other bloggers who I know that are also transitioning are:

Shanique from Journey to waist length hair

Jen from Just grow already

Traycee of K.I.S.S

Sdestra of Sdestra hair journey

Who else do you know is transitioning? Are you transitioning? Why did you make this decision? Has your regimen changed since you started transitioning?

Transitioning to natural hair


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  1. I am also transitioning to natural.I did a whole post on my blog about my reasons. I am planning on doing at least a 3 year transition so that I get used to my natural hair.

    1. Good luck on your transition…it’s a good idea to transition to get used to your natural hair…I figure it takes a while…I’m still so chicken!

      1. Hi Dr Fomsky. I’ve read many of your articles and find them to be very educative, but decided to reply the question you posed in this one. A year ago, I started texlaxing my hair and am now transitioning to natural hair. My main reason is that I am tired of incompetent hair stylists messing up my hair and handling it too roughly in the name of doing a relaxer touch-up. Also, I have alopecia in the crown of my head and realize that going natural is a healthier way to cope with it. Finally, I love natural things, so it’s time for me to enjoy my natural hair.

        1. Thank you for finding my articles educative. And thanks for leaving a comment.
          I agree with you with regards to holding off on relaxers, especially since you are experiencing alopecia in the crown of your head. How are you treating it? I do hope it’s getting better?

          1. Well, I noticed this round patch of smooth, hairless skin on the crown of my head some years ago. It has been tough handling people’s negative comments and recommendations (especially those who told me it was a spiritual attack). Thank GOD for the internet! I finally found out last year that it was alopecia areata (my two older brothers have it, but they are men so they don’t get much comments). Anyway, knowing there is no medical cure, I started texlaxing, so that relaxers have less contact time with my hair and scalp. I have now made the decision to return to natural hair but big chopping is totally out of the question. I use onions, garlic and dried pepper treatments weekly to treat the area. The hairs are growing back slowly and I have progress pictures for reference. It is well!

          2. Thank God for internet oh cos it has really helped so many of us. Pics are so important because they are an objective way to know if you are really making progress or not.

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