[RECAP] KLS Intensive Natural Hair Training

Last week, Kemi Lewis of KLS Naturals held her intensive natural hair training. The idea was to train upcoming natural hair stylists and salon owners who want to increase their skill set. For three days, she took them through red carpet updos, amino acid treatment and transitioning to natural hair.

Of course, again I got to be the model for the demos. The second model didn’t show up so I reluctantly stepped in because I did not want to take down the fabulous updo she did for me.

Before I go on. see how it all went down.



Although I wasn’t there for the training, I couldn’t help but  learn a few things.

1. Any natural hairstyle can be achieved with extensions.

Before now, I used to think that my hair couldn’t achieve certain styles because it wasn’t long and voluminous enough. But that training changed my perspective. Kemi showed us different methods to attach extensions – the crochet method, the braid method and the bobby pin method. With these methods, you can add all kinds of extensions and achieve ANY style. You’ll be surprised. I couldn’t get over my hair for days!

2. Heat is not the problem, your hair is.

A lot of naturals are afraid of heat which is reasonable and understandable. Too much heat is generally not good for the health of your hair. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use heat at all. This year, I’ve used heat on my hair thrice and my hair is fine. Initially, I relayed my fears to Kemi and she told me not to worry because she knew my hair is healthy enough to withstand the heat and manipulation. What am I saying? There’s a reason I follow a strict regimen. It’s because I’m concerned about the health of my hair. Forget the length for now, the health is more important. This is why I don’t joke with my henna treatments, deep conditioning and moisturising because it’s the little things that matter in the long run. So, if you’re a lazy natural, please stay away from heat but if you take good care of your hair, you shouldn’t be afraid of heat.

3. There’s a difference between a clarifying shampoo and a moisturising shampoo.

Trust me, before now I did not know. I thought all shampoos are the same. The only distinction I knew was sulphates and non-sulphates shampoos. Apparently, sulphate/clarifying shampoos are great for removing build-up and Apple Cider Vinegar doesn’t quite cut it.

This was an insightful training and Kemi is a professional. Watch out for her online courses coming soon!

In a subsequent post, I will talk about I maintained my straight hair which I got from the amino acid treatment.

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