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Liquid Gold Hair Products is pleased to present to you our AMAKA Hair Oil.  We have developed this unique blend of over 15 natural herbal and essential oils to bring out the beauty in your hair. These oils work together to create a synergistic bliss for your hair and scalp. This results in extremely moisturized hair that is easy to detangle and which grows effortlessly. WORKS FOR ALL HAIR TYPES

AMAKA Hair Oil:

  • Accelerates Hair Growth And Increases Shine And Manageability
  • Blocks The Amounts Of DHT (dihydrotetosterone) being Produced
  • Stops Hair Shedding And Allows New Hair To Grow
  • Feeds Your Hair At The Root Level
  • Stops Bacteria And Fungus From Growing On Your Scalp
  • Formulated To Work With All Hair Types
  • Wakes Up Dormant Hair Follicles
  • Increases Blood Flow To The Scalp
  • Penetrates The Hair Strands Resulting In Shiny Healthier Hair
  • Rich In Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E, F And Other Essential Fatty Acids

The AMAKA Hair Oil exclusive formula contains over 15 natural herbal and essential oils including:

  • Avocado – Supports Healthy Growth, Shine And Smooth Texture. Rich In Vitamins And Proteins
  • Baobab – Regenerates And Heals Damaged Hair
  • Basil – Stimulates Healthy Hair Growth
  • Carrot – Nutrient Rich. Helps To Prevent Split Ends. Strengthens Hair Naturally
  • Jojoba – Nourishes Scalp And Hair. Helps Keep Scalp Clean. Excellent Hair Conditioner
  • Neem – Helps Relieve Dry Scalp. Reduces Hair Thinning
  • Pepper Oil – Stimulates Hair Growth By Increasing Blood-Flow To The Scalp
  • Rosehip – Promotes Healing Of The Scalp And Hair. Restores Shine Naturally
  • Rosemary – Helps To Unclog Pores. Promotes Hair Growth. Blocks DHT (Dihydrotetosterone)
  • AND 9 Other Oils Proven To Promote Hair Growth And Manageability

Price: NGN5,400.00

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