Product review: Zaron longwear gel eyeliner in jazz

Before now, I’ve never really had a staple gel liner. I’ve always bought and tossed for some reason or the other. But then I heard so much about Zaron gel liner in Jazz and I knew I had to get it. After using it for a while, I’m actually thinking of getting the liner in Jade and Jean. That’s how good it is.

According to Zaron, the gel liner is described as: Waterproof, Highly pigmented, Smudge free, Long lasting gel formula. Available in Black, Blue and Green.

Let’s see how it fairs:

– Waterproof
I haven’t been crying or been in any situation that tests this quality. All I know is, it sticks after application. It won’t run or anything. It just stays put especially in this horrendous heat.

– Highly pigmented
It’s so dark, highly pigmented and makes my eyes pop as well gives me that smoky – kohl look especially after pairing it with my Maybelline Collossal Kajal . I haven’t used anything like it before. This also means that a little goes a long way except you’re heavy – handed.

– Smudge-free
Nope. Nah. It doesn’t move until you use your wipes to take it off. Which means that you have to be really steady during application because once it dries, it’s hard to go off.

– Long lasting
Of course, after all of these qualities, it’s only right that it lasts long. I usually have it on for up to 12 hours and it doesn’t move!

It comes in a tiny transparent pot with a branded lid. Also worth mentioning is the tiny foil just before the cover to avoid the gel drying out.

I apply this with an eyeliner brush rather than an angled brush because it works better for me and gives me more definition.

It has a creamy consistency that is between a thick gel and a liquid liner. Of course, it’s just right.

Definitely repurchasing even though I might not run out anytime soon.

Rating: 5-Stars
Price: N1,800

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