Product review: Zaron lipsticks in ‘butterscotch’ & ‘barefaced’

I wouldn’t say I regret buying these lipsticks given the number of nude lipsticks I already have because there’s no use crying over spilt milk.


Okay, so I got these for a simple reason – I was in search of a perfect nude lipstick not knowing that perfection is a thing of the mind. This time, it’s a dark lip liner. Before this eureka moment, I beat myself up on several occasions especially as I had the audacity to impulsively buy another nude lipstick from the same brand.


What exactly makes these two pop? Butterscotch is matte while barefaced is a moisturizing lipstick and a lighter shade of Butterscotch which also isn’t overly matte like my previously-reviewed liquid lipstains but matte enough not to dry out your lips.


They also come in really nice black branded tubs which allow for easy application. Of course, butterscotch lasts longer but barefaced makes for a perfect ombre lip.


Overall, they’re decent lipsticks. Nothing overly fantastic. Just good enough to get you by. For obvious reasons, I prefer butterscotch because it’s closest to my skin tone.

Don’t forget the golden rule: Always pair it with a dark lip liner.

Rating: 4 stars 2

Butterscotch – N2,500
Barefaced – N1,450

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