Product Review: Urban Decay Naked 2


I’ve always disliked applying eyeshadows mostly because of my hooded eyes. I never seem to get it right, this may be as a result of using the wrong techniques. Anyways, this year I decided to invest in new makeup and I had to get a new palette in order to look less basic. So, I went to my regular store and asked around. I was given one of the best nude palette – Urban Decay Naked 2.

I didn’t know this until I got home and looked it up. Now, the next thing was to learn how to properly apply and blend the shadows. So, I consulted Pinterest and watched a few YouTube videos. I thought I was ready. WRONG! Apparently, like every other thing it requires some practice.

First Impressions
The shades come in a really nice metallic palette which screams GROWN UP! Lol. It also comes with a 2-in-1 crease and shadow brush. If you’re used to cheapie makeup, you’ll notice that this is a huge improvement from the regular brushes. It’s actually functional and I use it without any additional brush. Well, except for a blending brush. I also like that the shades have different albeit unrelated names.


To be honest, I was disappointed. After a few test runs, I noticed that the swatches – which are highly pigmented – were incredibly similar. Like, they all had the same shimmery brown-beige shades save for a few like the blackout (black), busted (dark purple), half baked (brown) and chopper (orange-ish). That’s four out of twelve. The remaining eight were just repeated bland shades and I didn’t exactly get the nude shade I wanted.

I don’t want to become that person that has multiple palettes especially since I’m not a makeup artist. I currently have a vintage Fashion Fair palette which I am using with this Naked 2. If I eventually get around to finishing it which I seriously doubt, I won’t be repurchasing.

Rating:   3Stars

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