Product Review: Motions CPR Treatment Conditioner


I’ve heard quite a lot about the Motions brand and as soon as I discovered that it was safe for natural hair, I decided to lay my hands on it.

First Impressions
It’s totally not safe as it contains mineral oil as its second ingredient. When did that ever stop anyone though?
– It has a very nice fruity fragrance which is as a result of a myriad of herbs like wild cherry, dandelion, rosemary e.t.c.
– Apparently, I got one of the last batches as the company has rebranded.

Product Promise
Clinical Protection and Repairs for all hair textures.
Ideal for breakage – prone hair, this deep – moisturizing treatment instantly strengthens and repairs the hair shaft. Motions CPR Treatment Conditioner will help to restore hair’s health and vibrancy with one application. Deeply nourishes hair with a blend of natural African herbs.


Ingredient List
This is a really long list, so I’m just gonna write the familiar ones in the order of importance.

Water, Mineral oil, Polyquartemium-32, Glycereth-31, Propylene Glycol, Fragrance, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Rosemary Extract,Caramel, Propylparaben, Nettle Extract, Dandelion Root, Betula Alba Leaf Extract, Arctium Lappa Root Extract, Wild Cherry Bark Extract, Rosa Canine Fruit Extract, Yeast e.t.c.

This is possibly the highest number of leaf and fruits extracts I’ve seen in a single product.

How I Used It
As usual, I applied it generously on dry hair in four sections, covered it for about an hour before I rinsed out.

It’s smell is awesome no doubt. It has this lingering effect even after application. A closer look at the ingredients shows that it’s filled with mineral oil and parabens as well as several unfamiliar extracts. After rinsing out, it didn’t have any distinct difference. My hair was normal like every other deep conditioning. There was really nothing fantastic about it. My shedding/breakage level was normal. I also noticed that the mineral oil and parabens didn’t have any effect on my hair which is a good thing.

Will I be purchasing again? Not really. This is one of those products you buy only once. I might only consider to repurchase if I have run out of options. It’s a pretty decent DC except that I have a problem with the price to quantity ratio. It’s ridiculous. I could only get one and a half usage out of this small tub. The second time, I had to mix it with another product as it wasn’t enough to go round my head. This is enough reason to not repurchase. I always like to see the value of my money.

Price: N800

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