Olivia’s hair story!

This is Olivia’s hair story.. She wasn’t compensated or obligated to give us her story.

I used to have very full, long and thick hair untill I began to maltreat my hair…taking offf my weavons and cutting my braids myself, thereby cutting my own hair and making holes too..I didn’t t feel so bad because I knew my hair would grow back fast and besides it was full and hardly noticeable.

Problem……my hair started breaking and losing body fast. I tried products to no avail until I came accross Dr. Fomsky’s blog and site..I understood that the hair needs to be fed, and pampered..I took mine for granted..
My once long and full hair now looked funny..I couldn’t even do a ponytail…because there was nothing to hold..
I got the products and began the regimen…

I prepoo with Jamaican Castor Oil…which has really made a difference and use Loreal shampoo and a couple of other products on my hair.. The breakage has really reduced and my hair is growing back..I’m not so faithful to the whole process but with the little I have done, I like what I see..

Lest I forget,  I fixed a weave with the bond glue and lost my front hair…I had to wear a wig because my hair looked 70yrs old..My hair is getting thick….I’m so happy about that, split ends have really reduced and am gaining length too…

Before the end of this year, I should have armpit length hair……..Amen…xoxo.


Dr  Fomsky:  I asked Olivia for pictures but she hasn’t been taking any!! She has promised to send us some pics. As much as possible, take pictures monthly to track your progress. Pictures and length check t-shirts are an objective way of checking if your hair is growing or not.

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