#NITC16 Haul

Naturals In The City 16 has come and gone and I had such an amazing time even though I was at the entrance the entire time.

This quarter, I went particularly for two things:

– to man the registration stand and

– to replenish my stash.


I already had a list of things I wanted to buy but I just waited until Saturday to buy them and save some delivery costs. Another perk of meet-ups. For the first time ever, I brought everything from one brand – Natural Nigerian. I usually have a list of brands I want to patronise but this time, I knew I would be busy and won’t have time to go around so I just gave my list to them and they brought my stuff to me at my station.

So, let’s get into them, shall we?


1. Raw Black Soap(N1,500) – This is my second tub of this raw black soap. I wrote about all its goodness here. It served me so well that I did not hesitate to get another tub.

2. Glycerine(N1,500) – My regular supplier of Glycerine has refused to restock so I’ve resorted to buying from Natural Nigerian. This is my third bottle. Remember, what I said about my skin and glycerine? It’s basically like two peas in a pod so I never have to run out.

3. Tea-tree essential oil(N1,800) – Another staple for my homemade facial toner and of course, my many face and hair masks. In fact, I think I use tea tree more for my skin than my hair. I never really have dandruff or an itchy scalp but when I do, it comes in very handy.



1. Black Soap with Lemon, Lime & Alpha Hydroxy Acids(N1,500) – I always like to have a ready-made soap with my raw black soap. I like to use them alternatively in a situation where I don’t have time to make a new batch. I just exhausted my African Naturalistas Liquid Black Soap and I needed a replacement. I was going through Natural Nigerian’s Ahia when I stumbled on this. I thought it was perfect for my skin because of the lemon, lime, AHA combination. Initially, I was asked not to use it during the day because of the lemon essential oil but then I went back to NN to clarify. Apparently, it results in photosensitivity for some people but when used in small doses, it is completely safe to use during the day. I was so relieved to hear this.

2. Moisture and Shine Leave-in Conditioner with Shea Butter(N1,800) – One day, I will talk about my love-hate relationship with Cantu Leave-In Repair cream and how it has become the poster product for any potential leave-in conditioner. Natural Nigeria recently launched a new range of products and I knew I needed to cop at least one product. The question was which. I went through my stash and realized that I had almost run out of my leave-in. So, leave-in it was even though I was seriously eyeing her new deep conditioner. I really don’t have high hopes for this leave-in because of its consistency(it’s not as thick as I would have loved it to be) but we’ll see. I’ll definitely write a review.

3. Castor Oil (N1,950) – As I mentioned earlier, I’m on the search for thick oils. Apparently, it’s only castor oil that is available now.

4. Rosehip Oil (N4,000) – I cannot believe I’ve been slacking on Rosehip oil all this time. It has always been on my wishlist, I just haven’t given it that attention it deserves. But now, I’m ready. The rest of my facial oils can take a backseat for now.

5. Lemongrass essential oil(N1,700) – Let me tell you the story behind this lemongrass oil as I did not plan to buy it. I wanted to get Lemon essential oil. I currently use Jasmine and I wanted to explore as many essential oils as possible. So, I went through NN’s Ahia and looked for an unpopular one. Lemon was the closest thing to what I wanted until I got to NITC and I was told that I could not use Lemon essential oil during the day(same thing with the soap). Something about UV rays and whatnot.I quickly dropped it because I knew what I wanted to use the oil for and I did not want to be restricted. I picked up lemongrass and figured, what could possibly go wrong? If it’s really bad, I’ll use it solely for my hair. I fell in love with the lemony scent immediately I twisted the cap. I don’t think I have been happier about a purchase in recent times.


All these can be purchased at Natural Nigerian Ahia and the essential oils, Sizzelle.

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