This Is What Nigerians Think About Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO)

What do you know about Genetic Modified Organisms (GMOs) – the technology that moves genes from one specie to the other? From an animal to a fruit, from a fruit to a vegetable or straight from the cow into the milk.

Would you eat chicken that was made from cassava, pork that has the genes of a rat, tomatoes made up of bacteria, beef made from dogs?

Odunayo of BattaBox strolled through a bustling Lagos market to ask eager shoppers what GMO food meant to them and Dr Patrick Ijewere ( our in-house NITC nutritionist) was on standby to educate us all on the dangers of eating what was not naturally grown.

“Do you know what GMO food is or are?” Odunayo puts the question to the streets.

“Even those things you think are fresh are contaminated, so I don’t see the big deal,” one woman said.

“I would prefer natural fruits, those without fertiliser but where will you get those? You will buy what is available,” another shopper responds.

“The idea that GMO foods are dangerous is just consumer fear,” one confident, educated man on the subject told Odunayo.

What do you think???

Do YOU mind eating corn that has been tampered with or apples that have received more injections than you, a human being?


Watch how it all when down.

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