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One of the most important components of your skin care regimen is exfoliation – this is the process of getting rid of dirt and dead cells that tend to clog the pores to reveal a brighter and smoother skin. Scrubs are one way to exfoliate.

The beauty of scrubs like every other mask or facial is that they can be made at home and require little basic ingredients.


  • 2 parts White Sugar/Brown Sugar/Salt. (Sugar is more advisable because it’s milder, less drying and won’t tear your skin like salt).
  • 1 part oil (e.g. Extra virgin olive oil. Sweet almond oil will do just fine)
  • 5 drops of an essential oil (e.g Lavender oil to give it that divine scent)
  • Honey (optional)
  • Hand loofah or better still your hands.

Now this depends on the quantity you want but ideally it should be:

  • Pour a few teaspoons to a cup of white/brown sugar into a container
  • Add another few teaspoons of oil of your choice that’s half the quantity of the sugar
  • Mix gently
  • Add 5 drops or more of essential oil
  • Mix thoroughly again




  • Most times, the scrub works better on dry skin.
  • Step into the bath tub and put on your loofah or exfoliating gloves or better still use your hands.
  • Dab a spoonful of the mixture, apply and massage in circular motions starting from the feet up to the legs, torso and arms
  • After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly
  • Slather on oil to moisturize.

This scrub is suitable and mild enough for both the face and body and for all skin types.

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