Protective styling for August {Tunrie}

After considering a lot of options to go with as regards what protective style to do, I finally ventured into the market hoping to find something magical that would get my attention and then I’d know. LOL.

Long story short, after ignoring the first shop (bad customer service), I finally found a store to purchase from. I purchased 4 packs of Noble Kinky bulk hair…don’t ask me why but I bought 2 packs of color 33 and 2 packs of color 30. I wanted to go for the ombre feel but not too extreme.

Anyways, since I just got them installed, I look forward to keeping them in for about 6-8 weeks during which I plan on washing (periodically when the flakes fly). I may ‘spritz’ it every now and then when I feel the need to but I will be minimalist with applying products so I don’t get product build-up as often. I’ll also make sure to moisturize and massage my edges and nape hair (brings out castor oil).

Honestly, I prefer the normal Royal Silk kinky extensions I normally get but this gives off a different feel and that’s just what I need. This Noble braiding hair definitely looks more synthetic than Royal Silk but it’s curlier even without heat. The texture of the hair is also kinda slippery so you’d have to braid the roots and not twist from the get-go in order to make it last longer. I haven’t even dipped it hot water yet, I hope it won’t straighten out my curls… Anyways, I started out the roots with the darker color 33 which is kinda deep brown and we finished up the tips with color 30 which is reminiscent of blonde but not too extreme.

I’m actually loving the look… I get this feeling that it’ll get nicer as it ages and I really hope it does… Until then, I’ll probably take the chance and dip it in hot water so it’d look generally better… Already got a handful of compliments just todayyyy… if only I got like 2k for every compliment I get… 😀


What are you rocking for the month of August??

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  1. I just finished installing my kinky braids. Started out as crochet braids. I used curlformers, dipped in boiling water and then began crocheting. Half way thru I realized my Serena Williams impression wasn’t working lmao so I just made normal braiding and its way better. Yours does look great!!!

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