What would you grab? What are your favourite hair products?

So I just remembered this love story, Leap Year, yeah, I’m a sucker for love stories and I particularly remembered a part where I think there was a fire scare and they had to evacuate and she asked herself what she had to take and she realized it was the guy she loved that she needed. This realisation made her travel back to Ireland to profess her love blablaba..

I’m sorry to get carried away but I kinda had this moment but with hair products, LOL. I had to move recently and at the end of the day, I grabbed just 4 products to take with me. I enjoyed the process of giving out my stash and I ended up with:

  1. My trusty tub of Silk Elements Olive Moisturizing deep conditioner, yes our relationship is growing strong;
  2.  A bottle of castor oil;
  3. A bottle of lavender oil; and
  4. Of course the multi-purpose shea butter.

That was it! I left all my other hair products behind BUT on arrival in my location, the Lord turned around the captivity of Zion and I ended up with a “stesssshhh”.  A stesh is a very tush stash. LOL. But that’s not why we’re here: if you had to leave and could only take 4 products with you, what would you grab?

SILK-ELEMENTS-OLIVE-moisturizing treatment

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  1. I would grab:
    1. Phytostim spray
    2. Pura Body Naturals muru muru moisture milk
    3. Brown Butter Beauty butter love conditioner
    4. Naturalista cosmetics juicy leave-in conditioner

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