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My name is Oge. I am a grown-arse Nigerian woman and have just gotten back into taking care of my hair thanks to Dr Fomsky and my friend Joan.

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There is a HUGE need for QUALIFIED hair technicians for both relaxed and natural hair in Nigeria . Pouring shampoo on one’s hair and squeezing out the life out of the hair in the name of drying is no longer good enough.

Now, I get all my products from Sizzelle and follow a simple regime which consists of Prepoo, Wash, Deep Condition, Moisturize and Seal my hair at least once in 2 days.

I challenge you to go on a hair journey. It is very exciting when your locks starts to grow and look lustrous.

It’s a total privilege to blog on this platform so I am gonna cherish it.

Peace and Cupcakes

Oge xoxo

Oge 2- Sizzelle blogger

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