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Hi everyone! This post is so long overdue! I am the most avid blog reader, and by reader, I mean guzzler! I doubt there is a hair blog that deals with African/Afro-descent hair that I do not follow! Hair is my passion – and of course, that which I have found hardest to crack! My other interests include: skin care, dental care, nail care and internal health care; including but not limited to healthy detoxing, and weight loss. I do not have any official cosmetology or esthetics licenses – but I plan on getting one soon to legitimize the priceless information and knowledge I have gained so far on my quest to long, ‘flowy’, bouncy, shiny relaxed hair!

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The #411:

Hair: I have chemically treated hair, more commonly referred to as relaxed hair. I use a Lye relaxer – and I swear by a lye relaxer! Don’t run off now to grab the nearest tub of lye (no-mix) relaxer – it provides better results for your hair strands but can be harsh on your scalp. My hair is also fine, and of medium density. Fine hair strands come with the benefits of being largely tangle-free and requiring a less amount of product, than thicker hair, which is economically pleasant. However, fine hair easily looks stringy and might give the illusion of unhealthy hair. This is not ideal – if a hair goal is the appearance of thick, full and bouncy hair.

I also have normal-to-highly porous hair. This means that my hair absorbs moisture and other nutrients very quickly and easily, and loses it all back as quickly and as easily. I definitely had highly porous hair – but on realizing this trait in my hair and armed with the knowledge on how to tackle it – my hair now holds on to moisture better. I will expatiate on this in subsequent posts; but I would throw in a quick gem: Roux Porosity Corrector & Conditioner will rectify this problem! This is the solution that I personally will vouch for. Notwithstanding, I have implemented other products and techniques to tackle this, which may or may not have worked. I cannot say this for a fact.

Random tidbits about my hair: The hairs on the perimeter of my head have a looser curl pattern and I believe this to be the reason that they grow longer and are less prone to breakage. My edges stay flourishing, honeybuns! I will share my tips with you; just hang tight ladies *wink wink*. However, my crown (the middle part of the head) is very coarse in texture and if I look too long at my crown, I am certain the hairs there will break off! So I am learning to baby that area by including certain actions like: using my deep conditioning treatments on that section of my hair, for example.

That’s all for now! I wanted to give you an overview on the nature of my glorious hair strands to give a benchmark/an idea to my readers on what I am working with – and how this compares to your hair strands, types and peculiarities!

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