On New Year & Frugality

Well, someone’s gonna save better next year and that person is gonna be me! As I pondered on what next year would be like, I decided, Tunrie should save more. This is due to a couple of reasons: 2012 really saw me at my low when it comes to shopping, impulsive shopping x_X. It all started with a little online window-shopping and before I could say “Jack”, all my student savings were going into other people’s pockets! Students are the richest people in case you didn’t know! LOL!
And so came 2013. I did save a bit better than I did in 2012 but the online shopping was still an issue. Not to be hard on myself, I deserve a pat on the back. To help myself and whoever comes along to read this, I’ve decided to come up with some tips to help me save better next year and I honestly hope I stick to them! Fingers crossed!

* I’ll keep every receipt/teller of every purchase I make in 2014, so I can balance the accounts every once in a while.

* I’ll budget for spending and saving each month e.g 7,000 to spending a month, save 15,000. In a very detailed way.

* I will enter more giveaways, even though I hardly win stuff. It wont hurt to try and I’ll be a very happy bunny if I win.

* I will master the art of window-shopping. Haha! That means I don’t add everything that captures my attention into the CART!! That also means I’m not going to reach for my debit card just because I accidentally stumbled on an online store.

* I will let the cards be! I mean, they will rest as their numbers and passwords would not be entered as often as before. I will be more careful with my babies and show them more love next year.

* Aha! I shall take full advantage of discounts, clearance sales, anything that will take a percentage off the actual price of a purchase. Name it, I’m there.

* I will exorcise the product junkie out of me! LOL! I won’t want a product just because I read an excellent review. Instead I shall stick to the basics and hope to get a lot of freebies from the above-mentioned giveaways. 😀

* I will gift myself at the end of every quarter! As a show of love and pride for saving a bit, at the end of each quarter, Tunrie gets a gift!

That’s as far as I can get for now. If you’ve got more tips, don’t forget to drop a comment! I won’t mind some more tips on savings!


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