I need a cure for hair growth!

Someone sent me a mail that her hair doesn’t grow so I decided to respond to her question with this post.

-‘Curing’ hair growth depends on your specific issue.

How to determine if your hair is really growing or not:

– If you have ‘unrelaxed’ hair, you can dye a small section of your hair. If the roots don’t start to show your normal hair colour after three months, then you have confirmed that your hair doesn’t grow.

– If your hair is relaxed and you have new growth coming after 2 – 3 months, this also confirms that your hair grows.

If you never have any new growth from your scalp, it might be health-related and you should see a doctor.
If you have new growth from your scalp but your hair never seems to go past the same length, maybe the real problem is that it’s breaking more than it grows.

What you need to do is curb the breakage:
To do this, you need to adopt healthy hair practices:
1. Deep condition your hair at least once a week.
2. Comb your hair starting from the tips first. ‘Finger comb’ your hair more times than you actually use a real comb.
3. Avoid flat irons and hand dryers as much as possible.
4. Don’t keep your hair extensions longer than 4 weeks.
5. Don’t relax your hair more than once every 8 weeks.
6. Don’t keep your relaxer on your hair more than the recommended time.
7. If your hair starts feeling dry during the week, apply a hair moisturizer. Follow up with an oil to ‘seal’ in the moisture.
8. You may also want to try some growth aids like dietary supplements or hair growth oils.

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