Natural hair excitement: fad or phase?

Hello ladies,

It’s safe to say getting back into a busy schedule has rendered me a lazy natural! You may think I’m exaggerating but let me give you some instances to back up my statement.

Remember when I used to be excited about wash days? That giddy exciting feeling to try out ayurvedic clays, new shampoos, conditioning… That determination to try out new styles – three strand twists, finger coils etc… That tender, loving care dished out on my hair…

Does any of that ring a bell? Well all that has faded to be honest… I fondly read articles of excited budding naturalistas and smile when I remember that I was once like that! Haha! I feel like one of those seniors in secondary school that just aren’t that interested anymore. Of course I care about taking care of my hair and reaching my somewhat dwindling hair goals, the commitment is just waning. This is sounding like a bad breakup but ”it’s not you, it’s me”

Wash days: The excitement of engaging in the wash and deep conditioning ritual has been replaced with doing a quick wash in the shower with the Obia soap bar and skipping out on deep conditioning till that special cumulative washnight/weekend when I actually get to wash and deep condition topping that off with twists to keep my hair stretched.

Hair styling: The easiest style I do for myself which is also quite time-consuming is *drumroll* CROCHET BRAIDS! Thankfully, I’m also blessed to have friends around me who actually help me with my hair with/without extensions. How much have I spent on styling my hair since I got here? Zero naira well except the amount spent extensions 😀

Protective styles: My hands used to itch to unravel my protective styles, now a month goes by and I’m just like ‘wow! I can’t believe I keep twists in this long without even noticing!’ That summarizes my protective styles and don’t forget how much a turban/ankara/scarf can save the day. 😀

Quick question: Do you think this is just a phase or is hair just not that much of a big deal? How much time do you spend on your hair, do you think you could spend less time on it? I’d really appreciate your comments, please let’s share.

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  1. Hi Tunrie, I absolutely know what you mean! When I went natural (and I was natural for 2 years) I was beyond excited. I would wash every 2 days, condition, deep condition, twist out, finish my data on youtube videos and all that. One day while twisting after a wash, it hit me that as much as I loved my hair I didn’t need to spend as much time and money on it as I did and since then my routine became quite simple, you could say the giddyness was gone. It does happen, the initial excitement wears off and we have moments of being “lazy naturals” or just generally lazy with our hair but you’d get excited once again and those pamper sessions because they are not so often will become even more special :). I’m now relaxed and I’m loving it but I’m only good with my relaxed hair because of the initial natural hair excitement which helped me build a good and simple hair care routine

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