Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day Out Mini Haul

The second edition of the Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day Out has finally come and gone. For some reasons, I couldn’t attend the first edition but when I noticed that Fashion Strings would be a vendor, I had to find my way. She stocks hair accessories tailored towards natural hair. Anyways, I got a few things here and there. When it comes to events like this I always have a budget to avoid impulsive spending.

As always, I tried to avoid the vendors I didn’t want to patronize so I went directly to the ones I wanted. In no particular order,

Fashion Strings

I got a couple of combs and hair bands. I was so dizzy with choice. Her selection was overwhelming. I was also careful not to buy the accessories I would not use. Funke was patient with me whilst I made my choices. This is how her stand generally looks:



I finally got the original Rhassoul Clay from Sizzelle after my first horrifying encounter with Nubian Roots. I refuse to allow Nubian Roots deter me from enjoying the benefits of Rhassoul Clay. This costs N2800.

SpecialMe Organics

This was my first time patronizing this relatively new brand and I fell in love immediately. I love when brands stock unique ingredients. Immediately I set my eyes on Camwood and Dried Hibiscus Flowers, my head was already buzzing with DIY ideas. Oh and Mobby made us take pictures with our purchases. I particularly love the eco-friendly recyclable packaging.


Nubian Roots

Remember my horrifying experience with Nubian Roots Rhassoul Clay? Well, guess who I saw at their stand? The owner herself. So, I dragged Ekene of The Kink and I to explain the situation. Of course, I didn’t have any expectations. All I wanted her to know was my experience. Apparently, she was aware of the mishap and tried to contact me through Olori to no avail. She had actually told Olori to refund my money. Of course, they didn’t so she apologized and graciously asked me to choose whatever product I liked from their stand as compensation. So, I picked their Deep Conditioning Hair Masque which I would review. To be honest, I was super impressed with her customer service. The masque cost N3500.

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  1. okay Friday being a peak day is just a big lie to begin with
    every stylist has to know that, your day either good or bad should not affect your attitude ,after all we all know that as a stylist , it is a must you will be meeting with lots of people
    1-most Nigerians working in natural hair salons are not trained
    2-Nigerians always have tendency of being Arogant, either on mondays, wednesdays or fridays
    3-many of them are not trained on customer service
    4-more reason why i care for my hair my self

    1. I completely agree with you. Most of them are not trained.

      Good thing is, now I know I won’t be going back anytime soon.

      Thanks for your comment.

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