Wash day (11th November 2013) {Dr Fomsky}

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Understanding the rationale behind mixing conditioners

My wash day started on Monday morning (it was a public holiday in France for celebrating war veterans). I applied my oil mix (Lavender JBCO + thyme oil + lavender oil + cedar wood oil + rosemary oil) to my scalp. Next, I applied avocado oil to my hair. I tied my hair around with cling film and then covered this with my Evolve cholesterol conditioning cap for about 4 – 5 hours. I used the cling film cos’ I didn’t want to mess up my heating cap. The elastic around this cap is really tight and by afternoon, my head was aching. So, I took it off and simply tied a scarf over my cling film wrap.
When my children had gone to bed, I took off the cling wrap and my hair felt so smooth and soft…I was so tempted to just stop my wash day there!
Anyways, I continued my wash day by shampooing with Kariline Look n’ Relax Care Shampoo (sulfate-free). Next, I poured a cup of coffee on my hair while standing in the shower. Afterwards, I squeezed as much water from my hair as I could and then stepped out.
Next, I applied John Frieda Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque. This conditioner has the most amazing slip ever and I also use it for my daughters’ hair!!
I sat down for about 15 minutes with my cling film back on my hair and then rinsed off the conditioner.
For my leave-ins, I used John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-day straight styling spray followed by Activilong Acti-Repair Conditioning Milk Spray.
I had earlier planned to roller set like I did last week but I couldn’t bear sitting underneath my hair dryer all by myself at this ungodly hour (maybe like 10.30 pm). I opted to blow dry my hair but it was making too much noise and was probably disturbing my neighbors. I live on the top floor in my apartment complex and the people living in the apartments below already complaining that my family is too noisy!! In the end, I had to tie my satin scarf, wear my bonnet and go to bed.
On Tuesday morning, my hair was about 50% dry but I gad to go out for school runs. I just applied some avocado oil, clipped up my ends and ran out.
I must say that my hair feels smooth! I moisturized my hair last night with Kariline Look n Relax Moisturizer & Styling Hair Cream and this is how my hair looks today (Wednesday).

How was your wash day?
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