Ebun’s clay stash

I was going through my hair stash and I noticed how my clays take up a significant part of it so I decided to dedicate a post to them.

Clays are basically multipurpose products. On days when you simply can’t be bothered to choose between a protein DC or a moisture DC, just whip up a few spoons of clay and you’re good to go. Coincidentally, I’ve been using clays on my wash days for the past two weeks now because the harmattan season is here and I do not have any moisturizing deep conditioner. The ones I have, contain elements of protein which my hair doesn’t need at the moment. So, I’ve been mixing clays with honey and oils until payday before I can purchase a cholesterol deep conditioner.


Without further ado –

1. Henna
Henna will forever have a place in my heart. My first ever Ayurvedic powder/clay steady doing great things to my hair. I use this every six weeks to strengthen my strands. Most times, I don’t even need a protein treatment afterwards. Plus, my hair’s fuller and less prone to breakage.

2. Hibiscus 
To be honest, the only reason I add hibiscus powder to my henna is simply because I want red hair. Nothing more. So far, I had strong highlights only once after using it and since then nothing. So, I’ll be dying my hair again in the new year.

3. Bentonite clay
This is my most recent purchase. I particularly love it because I can use it all over my body. Good stuff!

4. Aritha
This is probably my least favorite because it leaves particles in my hair which can be a tad difficult to wash out. Otherwise, good cleanser.

5. Multani mitti
This is easily my favorite facial clay. Although, I use it more for my face, it’s such an all-round clay.

6. Shikakai
Another clay I mostly use as an addition. I’ve never really used it alone but now that I remember, I might do some that soonish.

7. Neem
I can’t understand why I underrated neem. You know, when you have a variety of clays, it’s easy to forget some. I’ve also used neem a few times for facials.

The only one I’m yet to use is the rhassoul clay. I can’t wait to try it out.

You might be wondering why I had this many at the same time. I got the Ayurvedic clays at a super affordable price and I’ve been afraid to exhaust it before I can replace it.

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