Damilola cries, “My bones ache!!!

Hi fam… How have you been? Been rocking my wig and looking extra fine. I have also been moisturizing and treating my hair well. So, in line with my objective to stay healthier because of my hair, I decided to pick up my exercise routine. Just like most other Lagosians, I am usually time-constrained and whenever I have some free time, there are literally like 5,000 things struggling to be No 1 on my priority list. I worked out this morning (29th July, 2013) and I used the Jillian Michaels’ “NO MORE TROUBLE ZONES’ workout DVD. What I love about her workouts is that I can choose to do the whole 50 minutes workout or I can select choose specific exercise sets targeted at specific trouble zones.

I am a fleshy African lady and although I absolutely L.O.V.E my curves, I have to constantly worry about my tummy and my extremities namely my upper arms and my thighs. I woke up at 6 am and I did all the exercise that targeted my core and my arms. I definitely am more aware of the muscles I have in those areas today. I can’t wait for the soreness to kick in… I know it’s lurking around the corner omewhere.

For breakfast, I ate Heinz’s Baked Beans with a cup of Twining Strawberry and Mango Tea.

For Lunch, I had beans porridge and grilled chicken (I ate the skin of the chicken, I know I should have taken it out but it was too yummy).

And for dinner, I plan on taking yoghurt and fruits. Please pray that I stick with my plans.

I’ll keep you updated as per my progress.

Catch ya larra.


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