Moisturizing Your Hair While Protective Styling

So you’ve finally got that amazing weave you’ve been eyeing installed and you just know it’s time to take a break from the hair underneath. Exactly what you need right? Uhm no.

That isn’t it at all.

This is just a reminder not to completely neglect your hair once you’re protective styling. Moisturizing your hair is so important…. The fact that you have braids or weaves sewn in doesn’t make your hair need moisture any less than when it’s out. So you still have to find ways to get the moisture and TLC to your hair strands when styling.

If you have a weave sewn in, you’ll probably be needing a spritz bottle which will contain your leave-in conditioner, some water and some oil. To get your strands some goood loving, then you lift the weave and spritz some of that on your tracks making sure your hair gets it.
Currently I have, black tea, aloe vera juice and some water in my spritz bottle.
I have twists in now and whenever my hair feels dry, I spritz it lightly with this concotion and then follow it up with spritzes of Luster’s S Curl “No Drip” Curl Activator Moisturizer which was one of the goodies I got at the swap table from the Capital Naturals event. Will definitely do a review sooon. Then I seal with a little grapeseed or castor oil and that’s it. I could throw in a little scalp massage if I feel up to it but that’s it.


P.S: I’m not spritzing the entire length of the extension but only targeting where my hair is.
Incorporating regular moisturization will keep your hair happy even if it’s under weaves. πŸ˜€

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